Specialty License Plates

The licence plate industry has seen a huge surge of registered specialty plate designs in the last decade.

Governments are able to increase their revenue and customers are gladly paying a premium to own them in support of the organization. From sports teams to charitable foundations, military to schools, anything can be done if supported.

With an in-house graphic design team and state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, Waldale has the capability to manufacture high quality, mutli-color images with a flat or embossed alphanumeric and have it delivered  to your field offices for motorist pickup or direct to the motorists home. 

Waldale has helped to develop and print thousands of different designs for our customers and we work with them to ensure the design still allows for an effective license plate that can be read and identified by law enforcement.

Waldale can design, implement, and manage a specialty plate program that could generate millions of dollars in revenue for your jurisdiction.
  • Featuring a customer facing online ordering portal 
  • Provides a unique way for motorists to express their personality
  • Allows customer to choose any specialty background or personalization of any specialty background
  • Customers can check availability of personalized sequences in real-time
  • Includes the designing of new specialty plate options
  • Marketing and advertising to increase awareness and sales
  • Best of all, we do all the work, and the program operates without ANY COST to your jurisdiction!

Contact us today to see how implementing a specialty plate program can drive revenues, reduce costs, and significantly improve wait times and motorist satisfaction in your jurisdiction.

Personalized License Plates

Our customers choose which plate types they allow to have personalization.

For Waldale, any plate type whether its a regular issue long run graphic or a short run specialty plate can be personalized.


Waldale can manage the entire supply chain of your personalized plate program reducing the various touch points and improving your current process.

Non-Waldale customers experience turnaround times ranging from 4-12 weeks for personalized plates.

When motorists are paying a premium for a product, they expect quick turnaround times.

Waldale receives personalized orders daily or weekly (depending on customer preference), with an average turnaround time of 2-3 days after receipt of order.

Waldale then direct mails the personalized plates to the individual motorists or to the jurisdictional field office for motorist pickup (if the foot traffic is desired)

  • We can even provide and include the corresponding registration form and sticker
  • The plate package can also include an instructional letter telling your motorist what to do with their old plate or if they need to come into their local field office to register their new plate.


Souvenir License Plates

Waldale also produces souvenir licence plates including custom and personalized licence plates not for registration purposes.

Contact us today to design your souvenir plate!