Waldale manufactures and distributes millions of regular issue licence plates each year, including thousands of different specialty plate designs.

Traditional and Digital License Plate Manufacturing

Waldale not only offers traditional licence plate manufacturing of the embossed alphanumeric (ABC 123), but additionally, we provide our customers with digital licence plate production options including both embossed and printed “flat”. 


Traditional embossed alphanumeric with roll coat ink




Digitally driven embossed alphanumeric with roll coat ink
Prince Edward Island License Plate
Digitally driven embossed alphanumeric – Print 2 Emboss (P2E)
Digitally driven ‘flat’ alphanumeric

Traditional Embossed Alphanumeric Plates

The great majority of our jurisdictional customers opt for the security and economics of embossed alphanumeric license plates.

Embossed licence plates provide the most secure and economical form of anti-counterfeiting available. The process is very difficult to replicate without a significant investment in tooling and equipment.

We manufacture embossed license plates from both long run/pre-printed graphic reflective sheeting as well as digitally printed graphic reflective sheeting which we print on site.


Pre-Printed Long Run Graphic Sheeting vs. Digitally Printed Graphic Sheeting

The split between the use of pre-printed long run sheeting and digitally printed designs is an economic one, with pre-printed sheeting being far less expensive than digitally printed sheeting (digital printing requires additional consumables such as protective clear overlaminate, thermal transfer ribbons, printheads, etc.).

This results in almost all our embossed alphanumeric jurisdictions adopting a hybrid approach using long run pre-printed sheeting for regular issue embossed alphanumeric plates and digital printing for short-run specialty embossed plates.

Best Practices

Waldale implements industry-best practices in all aspects of our work.

  • Our company makes continuous investments in our people, our equipment and our fulfillment practices.
  • We use the highest quality raw materials
  • We have our own in-house tool & die and graphic design departments.

Our continuous capital investment coupled with Lean Manufacturing improvement principles, has helped create an environment where the industry’s best practices are consistently offered to our customers to ensure a superior product.

Waldale has earned our reputation for excellent customer service.

Equipment & Technology

  • The in-house design, fabrication, and installation of state-of-the-art digital embossing systems that are in use each and every day, providing our customers with the best possible combination of quality and value for their embossed license plate requirements.
  • An industry-first purchase of two (2) 3M Digital License Plate (DLP) printing systems, complete with advanced digital design stations. The DLP printing system allows for jurisdictional flexibility in choosing either ‘flat plate’ technology or on-demand short-run digital designs that can then become an embossed plate.
  • Our in-house graphic design team and tool and die department allow us to offer our customers all they need to design and manufacture a plate in one location without the need to involve multiple companies.
  • All plates whether flat or embossed can be digitized and the alphanumerics recorded to provide inventory management, fulfillment, issuance and reporting services.

Our business is 100% licence plates and we are dedicated to providing secure licence plate solutions that work for you.