Waldale can fulfill your license plate orders in whatever capacity you desire; direct to DMV warehouse, DMV field office, or to the individual motorists’ home.

Waldale is always looking for innovative ways to meet your needs by enhancing your licence plate and registration fulfillment solutions.

Our models for plate manufacture and delivery have progressively evolved to include such services as:

  • Conventional ship-to-warehouse deliveries
  • Ship-to-branch issuing offices within a jurisdiction
  • Mail direct to motorist’s home (with or without registration documents/decals)
  • Jurisdictional license plate warehousing and deliver on demand
  • Any hybrid of the above options

Benefits of Waldale Fulfillment:

  • Online web-based ordering systems
  • Exceptional on-time delivery performance
  • Very short lead times
  • Electronic stock management of inventories, including automatic re-ordering
  • Real time electronic shipment information
  • Deliver on demand which significantly reduces the inventory for jurisdictions
  • Distribution to any combination of jurisdictional operation centers, branches, dealerships or private motorists. This may include direct-to-motorist home shipments of license plates only, license plates with registration documents and validation decals.

Deliver on Demand

Waldale can store and manage your entire inventory of license plates saving you the costs of warehousing, staffing, and redistribution.

Regular issue license plates are manufactured in advance using long run graphic sheeting

Specialty license plates are manufactured in advance using digital printing technology

∗Sequentially numbered

∗Stored and managed by Waldale

Personalized and personalized specialty license plates are manufactured upon receipt of order

DMV plate delivery options include:
Same-day shipment of sequential inventory
   ∗Direct to individual jurisdictional field offices
   ∗Direct to motorist home

→Typical 2-3 day turnaround for shipment of personalized plates direct to motorist’s home


2 Models of Deliver On Demand

• Traditional (partial DMV in-office inventory)

→Each DMV field office typically keeps inventory of the top 3-5 plate types; customers can leave the office same day with a plate (if DMV desires)

→Plates can be shipped to field office locations or direct to motorist’s home

• Direct (100% of plates are shipped direct to motorist’s home)

→ Zero DMV inventory, with 100% of plates shipped direct to motorist’s home

Benefits of Deliver On Demand:

  • Maintains the benefit of less expensive pre-printed sheeting for high volume ‘regular issue’ plates
  • Utilizes digitally printed images for ‘“short-run’” or ‘specialty’ plates
  • Offers options for your jurisdiction to hold either minimal or ZERO plate inventory
  • Eliminates the need for your jurisdiction to warehouse and redistribute plates to field offices
  • Reduces traffic flow to field offices, if desired
  • Provides superior service to motorists
  • Bulk orders are received and shipped immediately
  • Personalized/personalized specialty plate orders are typically shipped in 2-3 days 
  • Can include the addition of registration stickers and forms with or without the accompanying license plate
  • Models are custom-tailored to the requirements of each jurisdiction
  • Constant manufacturer plate inventories available during a disaster recovery or force majeure scenario
  • Results in considerable cost savings
  • No payment is required for plates until they are shipped by Waldale