Plate Security Features

A license plate is the key identifier of a vehicle consistent with drivers licenses, identification papers, bank cards and passports. Law Enforcement must be able to read, identify and authenticate a license plate in order to ensure effective and efficient removal of illegal vehicles from our roadways.

The following integrated security features ensure a much higher level of plate authentication and validation and are a deterrent to illegal activities (ordered by cumulatively increasing security).


Electronic Vehicle Identification

Waldale offers innovative vehicle identification solutions that incorporates passive UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology in license plates. The RFID tag is an integral part of the aluminium license plate and cannot be removed or tampered without causing visible damage or compromising its intended functionality.

Each UHF RFID chip carries a unique identification code which can be cross referenced to vehicle and owner information in a central database, and which can be verified using only authorized readers. Waldale RFID license plates can be detected in moving and still traffic and at distances of several metres enabling multi lane free flow applications.

The integration of RFID chips into license plates as well as windshield stickers and headlamp tags has proven to be a breakthrough in security and traffic management enabling electronic vehicle registration and identification e.g., for the following applications:

  • Toll collection
  • Congestion charging
  • Parking and access control
  • Border control
  • Traffic management

RFID license plates meet the international standard for reflective license plates and have been tested for durability and performance. They can be complimented by RFID windshield stickers or RFID headlamp tags in case of motorcycles to detect stolen or transferred plates.