Licence Plate Manufacturer

Waldale is the largest private licence plate manufacturer in North America.

Since 1949, Waldale has been solely dedicated to the production of motor vehicle licence plates. Additionally, Waldale offers related vehicle registration products, fulfillment, distribution and warehousing services.

Waldale’s main location in Amherst, Nova Scotia, boasts a modern 25,000 sq. ft. production facility not inclusive of the Distribution and Fulfillment Center and On-Site Warehouse.

Collective Experience

Waldale has two sister companies, Relief Design Inc. (Canada), and the Irwin Hodson Group (US). With 23 State and Provincial jurisdictional customers, and 6 licence plate manufacturing facilities across North America.

Additionally, the companies are part of an international group of licence plate manufacturers with collective experience far exceeding that of any other licence plate company.

With incredibly talented, creative, and experienced staff, Waldale prides itself on the level of service it provides to its customers and the entire motor vehicle community. Customer service continues to be the cornerstone of Waldale’s success in the licence plate industry.

Licence Plates

Waldale manufactures and distributes millions of licence plates each year. Plates include “regular issue” and thousands of types of “specialty” plate designs.

Day-to-day business includes:

  • Manufacturing licence plates
  • Printing registration forms
  • Matching plates & registrations
  • Fulfillment & distribution of plates and registrations

Waldale provides its customers with a secure, high-quality licence plate product, backed by excellent customer service, warranted in-field performance, and continuous technical evolution.

Our business is 100% licence plates and we are dedicated to providing our customers with secure licence plate solutions that work for them.